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Welcome to the island of the perfect gravel.

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Gravel Bornholm

Our beautiful sunshine island known as Bornholm, has the coolest gravel routes. We have the best gravel - no flint - so you avoid the many punctures. A large part of our gravel roads are paved with granite stone flour which provides a calm ride.

Most of our trips start and end at Hotel Skovly, which is located 4 km north of Rønne.


Go exploring

We welcome you to many wonderful and beautiful discoveries. You experience a nature that you only find in Sweden, Norway and Iceland - however, it is all together at just 580 Km2 ....!
Deep forests, steep gorges, beautiful waterfalls and a completely wild nature ....!

We will do everything to ensure that you have a wonderful experience on our lovely island - so , look around the pages ......!

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Hotel Skovly

Gravelbornholm is part of Hotel Skovly.
We run a nice bike-friendly hotel, 4 km north of Rønne - in the middle of the forest and close to the cool mountain bike tracks and gravel bike routes. Highway driving also starts right outside our door ......

We ride both mtb, gravel and road cycling - and have done so since 1990.

See more about Hotel Skovly here!

Videos from hotel skovly

A pleasant 60 km gravel ride in Almindingen

A drone over Hotel Skovly

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Gravel Bornholm/Hotel Skovly - Nyker Strandvej 40 - 3700, Rønne - Danmark

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