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The most used tool

We have purchased the most used tool - when the task is to make some adjustments to one's bike.

Please do not take the tool with you - on your trip on the Bornholm roads...!

If there are any shortages in our range - please let us know.


Bicycle stand

There is a bicycle stand that can be used for adjusting gears and brakes - it can be set at different angles - so you can easily adjust the bicycle.


On the floor or wall

Your bike can be parked either on the wall in the front wheel bracket or you can find a free space on the floor.

On the wall, the bikes sit in 2 levels - so they don't touch each other.


Locked bicycle parking

When you, as a guest at our hotel, have brought your next-dearest possession - you must also be sure that you get the bike home with you.

We have room for approx. 60 bikes under lock and key - but you are of course also welcome to take your cleaned bike to the room - there is room for it!

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