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Visit by Christian Orry

He came....


Last Saturday I had a hard and fat day in Vang Granitbrud on Bornholm. I had set out to be the first in DK (as far as I know) to do an Everesting on a gravel bike on clean gravel.

The weather was perfect. Sunshine, light wind and pleasant 5-10 degrees. I've done an Everesting in scorching heat before, and know that heat can be a dangerous opponent.

I only knew Vang Granite Quarry on paper. I had been tipped off about the place and had had a friend with cottage on the island to reconnoiter on the actual climb. I therefore knew that it was a steep cousin ... but how steep it actually feels to start straight out with a 15-16% increase in loose gravel with granite chips, I did not quite feel with. It's hard, I must say.

Already on the first trip up I thought: "Shit, it's going to be a hard day".

But like all long endurance things, it's about setting the brain on "infinity" and just falling into the rhythm.

Orry Broen.jpg

... and he won ....!

Had talked to them a bit during the day though and advised them about the venture so there was good karma.


Kl. 03:53 I was done and the Everesting was completed. Even though I had really only taken quite a few breaks to fill drinking cans, change clothes, pee, etc., the time still ran up as the speed was so low due to the surface and degree of difficulty.


This is the first time I drive a gravel on Bornholm, but I'm already looking forward to the next time. There is just something about the rocks, the sea and the climbs over there that you do not get anywhere else in Denmark.

Orry Vang Stenbrud.jpg

He saw.....!

The place is wonderfully beautiful and the dawning spring made it a real pleasure for the eyes. Fresh air, scents, the roar of the sea, the crackling of the gravel under the tires and the completely car-free environment.

I had called in advance and talked to Bo from Hotel Skovly , who in addition to being a hotel owner is also the man behind Gravel Bornholm and himself a great gravel aficionado. He had good insider knowledge of the area and the hotel is perfectly located for a gravel stay on the island. Give the place a like and a visit when you are there next time - it is created for us on the go with our bikes.


When it got dark it blew up a bit and I had to pull on my winter clothes. It was probably around freezing, but you keep the damn heat when you have to step hard on the pedals. The descents did not go much faster than the ascents. Loose gravel in the dark, with vertical granite walls / abysses is something you have respect for. It slid something on the disc brakes that howled all the way down. Am sure the four people who slept in the shelter inside the granite quarry were really happy for me ..!

Orry på Hotel Skovly.jpg

...en lille konkurrence !

....det skal ikke være så kedeligt....!

Derfor, hvis du gennemfører 10 opstigninger, fra Vang udskibningshavn til parkeringspladsen (hvor der ligger bælter fra en gravemaskine), så giver vi en kold Skovly-øl - enten serveret fra fad, eller på flaske....!

Men ingen snyd - vi stoler jo på hinanden....

Altså; 10 gange ned til Vang havn - og 10 gange op til parkeringspladsen....!

Track din tur - evt via Relive, Garmin eller STRAVA.

Vi glæder os til at hilse på dig!

Etiket Skovly øl.jpg
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