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Road cycling and Hotel Skovly - are 2 things that are well connected. Right in front of the hotel the adventure can start. The asphalt roads guide you north, south, east and west - along small pleasant roads with exciting hills and "half mountains" ...!

Our all together Magnus Cort - you know, the native of Bornholm who won the 15th stage of the Tour de France in 2018 - gives here his bids on his 6 best cycling routes on his birth island.

You can read all his route suggestions on Destination Bornholm's website - just by clicking here!

Especially Magnus' tour proposal from Hasle is a special experience - and the route can be started only 2 km from Hotel Skovly.



Denmark's only mountain run of 123 km and with over 1500 hm ......!

BornFondo has a start and finish in Gudhjem.

The trip starts up the steep main street in Gudhjem.


You come to Denmark's only real mountain road with hairpin bends.


You withdraw, among other things. through violent hills - Bobbabrøddan - 2 high hills and experience a very special Bornholm - a Bornholm you did not think existed.

Remember to enjoy the fantastic view of the sea towards Denmark's easternmost point Christiansø - when you are here anyway :-)

BornFondo .jpg


Bornholm Rundt is the cozy and family-friendly "bike race" without timekeeping. You and the 1,200 other participants will be sent off in small groups.

There are 4 depots along the way - and you will experience our lovely Bornholm in a whole new way ...!


After Svaneke you come to you Ypnastedbakken, which is probably the hardest hill on your round trip.
Also the stretch past Hammershus castle ruin, where you drive up from Allinge is fairly hard - here you get thoughts from driving in Southern Europe .....!

The glorious and beautiful trip has given you about 104 km in the legs and beautiful 650 hm!

Now it's time for a cold Skovly beer !

Bornholm Rundt.jpg


The mountain singles start starts in Vang - 8 km from Hotel Skovly on the west coast of Bornholm.

The trip is on an 8.3 kilometer long route with 182 meters of altitude, because the hill in Vang has been named Denmark's steepest climb ......!

The climb is challenging with its big turns, and even if you are an experienced rider, you must monitor the legwear - because the lactic acid is lurking just around the next corner .....

After Vang, the trip drives towards Hammershus. After Hammershus - it only goes up and up and up again - to the top with Hammerfyr.
From here you can enjoy the beautiful view

over the rocky coast all the way to Sweden.

The trip home to Hotel Skovly - is fortunately downhill ....!

A cold Skovly beer is waiting to be opened .....!

BornFondo Enkeltstart.jpg

There is always something
beautiful to look at!

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