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Our own cozy mountain bike trail, which starts and ends in our parking lot. On the 7.5 km long track, you experience a beautiful part of Bornholm. We at Skovly maintain the track ourselves - if you find problems with the track, let us know.

The trail pulls you along the beach towards Hasle - through disused factory area and past 3 beautiful lakes. The track here has a nice flow, is primarily blue, but has a few red tracks inlaid. You can pick up a map by using the QR code at the start of the track!

Have a good trip - and drive carefully!



The Green Ring is a mountain / gravel track established by DGI and Bornholm's Regions municipality in 2010. The track can be started and ended at Hotel Skovly.


The track is not so well marked - but our routes are as GPX.files on Hotel Skovly's STRAVA profile.

The Green Ring pulls you through 25+ km around Rønne.

You will experience driving through disused factory areas, up slalom tracks with a view of Rønne (pictured), past the most beautiful beaches and via Rønne and Nordskoven, back to Hotel Skovly.

Den Grønne Ring.jpeg


Vestermarie Plantage is the latest shot at the trunk in terms of mountain bike trails on Bornholm.
4 cool tracks have been established - where they all have a wonderful flow. Different driveways have been made so that the trip does not become monotonous.

The skilled Trailbuilders have managed to turn a dull piece of forest into a wonderful roller coaster.
The tracks are blue and red.

The tracks are located about 14 km from Hotel Skovly.



Our Hotel Skovly is bike-friendly - so bike-friendly that you are welcome to take your bike in the room.


Our rooms and holiday apartments are so large - that you can easily store 2 gravel bikes or mountain bikes.

However, we recommend that the bike is cleaned and not filled with mud - and in this connection we refer to our changing area in front of the reception, where you can have the bike washed.

Do you need spare parts, oil etc - then we have a little different in our reception.

We have locked bicycle parking for about 60 bicycles.



A blue / red mountain bike trail, 13 km from our hotel. Start on the Skovly track and continue via Hasle to Vang Stenbrud. Beautiful 650 hm you get on this trip.


You can easily continue the trip to Hammershus to get more hm in the legs.

The track itself starts and ends at Vang Stenbrud.

At the reception of Hotel Skovly you can get a map of the quarry and the trip there!

Vang Stenbrud.jpg


The top of the pop on Bornholm - when it comes to mountain biking - only 15 km from Hotel Skovly.

17 beautiful tracks in different levels of difficulty ... from green to black!

Here you have the opportunity to test yourself - and your equipment ...!

The tracks are not that long - but still you can get 800-1000 hm in the legs. Grab a good cup of coffee, an energy bar or similar. in the kiosk where all the tracks start. You can also rent bikes there!

We would recommend that you drive fully when you go out and play at Rytterknægten.



If you need help when exploring the beautiful mtb or gravel - tracks on Bornholm - we can recommend one of the guides we work with.

The guides are native Bornholmers - can ride both mtb and gravel - and know all the secret places on Bornholm.
Hotel Skovly does not profit from this service - so the contact and settlement takes place directly to the guides.

Call 5695 0784 - we will create the contact between you and the guides.



Do you miss inspiration for cool bike routes - when you are on our lovely sunshine island - then you can at STRAVA find all our rides - both on gravel, road and mountain bike - as well as a few walks ....!

The tours are primarily in Almindingen - but you will also find rides on the Green Ring - Skovly track - Vang Granitbrud - round trip in Nordlandet by Hammershus - Nordskoven between Hotel Skovly and Rønne and tours by Rytterknægten.

In addition, you will find transport routes to Hammershus, Almindingen and Rø plantation.

Log in to STRAVA - search for Hotel Skovly

Skærmbillede 2021-04-25 kl. 16.43.09.png

A ride on the Skovly track!

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