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Route and tour around Hotel Skovly

Gravel stranden.jpeg

The Skovly-track

The cozy Skovly track has been established by Hotel Skovly in collaboration with local sports associations. The track is originally a mountain bike track, but is suitable for gravel riding. The track is technically challenging on the gravel, but parts of the track can be omitted. The trail starts and ends at Hotel Skovly. The track is blue and marked with signs. The trail also gives you access to the heights in the north.  

Watch this tour on STRAVA ... 



Almindingen - Denmark's 3rd largest forest - welcomes you to more than 150 km of gravel ....!

Almindingen is connected to the Paradis hills and Rø plantation and is part of the green wave, which snakes from Allinge to Nexø and with detours to Vestermarie and Rønne. A very nice gravel area.

More than 90 routes can be found on our STRAVA profile . Search for Hotel Skovly.


Den Grønne Ring

The Green Cirkel

The Green Cirkel is a 30 km "track" that can be started at Hotel Skovly, and which pulls you around Rønne, past and behind the airport and home along the beach and harbor.

The ride is through forests, on a lot of gravel and a bit on light mtb tracks.

The green Ring is not so well marked with signs, but our trip can be seen on our STRAVA profile. Click here!




A wonderful and beautiful trip to the rocks and the heights to the north ...! A king stage ...!

The trip to the north is part of the Balsam for the Soul-Bornholmer trip. The tour starts and ends at Hotel Skovly.

On Hotel Skovly's STRAVA profile you will find several different versions of the trip: bla. one of 45 km and 485 hm  Click here! ,
and one of 71 km and 752 hm.
click here!




From Hotel Skovly via the green ring to Almindingen with Rytterknægten and back - a nice 55 km trip with 390 hm.

When you are in Almindingen, you can easily extend the trip by up to 60 km further.

You can combine the trip with other of our STRAVA trips.

This tour can be seen and downloaded on our STRAVA profile by clicking here.


Gravel 117 km.jpg

Long distance 

From Hotel Skovly you find Rø Plantage, continue to Almindingen - where the gravel leads you to Paradisbakkerne and on to Svaneke, where lunch is eaten...! Back to Paradisbakkerne and Almindingen - perhaps with a visit to Rytterknægten. The return trip takes place via Vestermarie to Hotel Skovly.

In total you reach 117 km, 1000 hm and have moved for about 4 1/2 hours..!

Gravel. Den halvlange 73 km.jpg

73 % grus - 73 km

På Skovly-sporet, på Hotel Skovly, startes denne smukke tur, først mod Klemensker, (de første 10 km og 100 hm) derefter af den nedlagte jernbane - ind i Rø Plantage og videre rundt i Almindingen, med besøg i Bisonskoven og på Rytterknægten, hvor en skøn 22 km hjemkørsel via Vestermarie og Den Grønne Ring venter.

Se turen her!

Turen startes og sluttes på Hotel Skovly.

Christian Orry.jpg


We had the pleasure of hosting our Christian Orry - when he completed an Everesting on Bornholm ....! 8,848 hm he completed in Vang Stenbrud .... started at. 18.00 and ended at 03.53 ...!

When you visit Vang Quarry - then drive down to Vang Pier - and snail up to the top again - then take the trip down again - and up - until you reach 8,848 hm ... and you an Everesting .....! :-)

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