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Bornholm is for everything on 2 wheels ......

Den Grønne Ring


Experience the gravel on our beautiful Bornholm - explore the beautiful harbors and almost get lost in the big forests.

The adventure starts - north to Hammerhus and all the heights - south to the lowlands Rønne and Arnager and west to the deep forests in Almindingen. We have it all. 



Road driving on Bornholm - is almost like road driving on Mallorca ...! We do not have that many high mountains - but altitude meters - we do have!

Our cozy 103 km Around-Bornholm, must be experienced. Start your trip from the hotel - and end at the hotel after 103 km !!!



Mountain biking on Bornholm - yes, Hotel Skovly is the perfect place to stay overnight.

We have our own mountain bike trail "Skovly-trail", which starts and ends in our parking lot. A cozy blue cozy trail with a nice flow.
A few km away there are another 19 mountain bike trails.



In our reception you can buy various light spare parts for your bike - as well as a little energy-tam-tam and candy for you!

You can also borrow our tools if you just need to fix something.



I receptionen på Hotel Skovly kan du købe forskellige reservedele til din bike - samt lidt energi-tam-tam og guf til dig!

Du kan desuden låne vores værktøj, hvis du lige skal fixe noget. 

Til din info - så har vi aflåst cykelparkering til ca 60 cykler.

Cykelværksted 1.jpg

bicycle workshop

We have set up a small locked bicycle workshop and bicycle parking - a room where you can safely store your bike - and at the same time make small and large adjustments.

This service is free and is for hotel guests only. 



When you now choose to visit our lovely Bornholm - and have chosen to take the bike with you (or choose to rent one ..), then you must have the best time on the pedals - and get the best out of your pedals.

We work with the best cycling guides - both on mtb and gravel.

Our cycling club BCC is also ready for a ride ...!

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